Taxation. Tax Litigation

TT&P is one of the very few law firms with leading positions in the fields of taxation and tax litigation.

Company Law

TT&P is one the few Bulgarian law firms which have been providing services in the field of Company law since its reestablishment in 1991.


Intellectual Property

TT&P provides a complex range of intellectual property services as well as services in related fields such as competition and unfair trade practices.

Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation and arbitration is an important part of our work. TT&P is well known for its litigators and experience in that field.

Competition & Antitrust

TT&P offers a comprehensive range of servicess to meet the anti-trust and economic regulatory challenges facing our clients business.

Banking & Financial services

Our banking team advises on incorporation and licensing of banks, payment institutions and non-banking financial institutions, as well as on regulatory compliance and day-to-day matters

Energy Law

TT&P lawyers have particular expertise in project development, construction and operation, through project financing and legal advice in implementation of renewable energy projects thus being among the market leaders in this relatively new field.

Sports Law

Sports Law is a relatively new field of law in Bulgaria. Nevertheless it is developing fast and is quite challenging to both practitioners and clients.

Real Estate

TT&P provides complex and efficient resolutions in each phase of development of real estate project.